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Okay, I know....I'm on hiatus, *looks at husband giving her a look*....but, BUT!!!  I tried ranting to the husband about this and he was like "meh, and your real problems are what?"....-_-...  Look I know in the scheme of things, you know, like the state of the world or what not, this crap doesn't matter, but FOR THE LOVE OF ... WHAT DID THEY DO TO ISHIDA'S VOICE?!!  *headdesk x 100000000* 

Look, I know it sound like I'm being an elitist...I don't really give a shit honestly.  His VA made him sound like a prissy little bitch.  Could he possibly make him sound ANY MORE GAY?!   Now, I like my Ishida a little gay and pissy, don't get me wrong, its just him.  But he practically had the kitten claws out, mwrooor! hiss!  *facepalm* 

I accept the fact that I'm in love with the way Non-tan does his voice....and that I would probably be disappointed no matter what I heard.  But this guy was just too soft and, and so not our favorite Quincy!.  And don't even get me started on the script changes...("I am your enemy."? *headdesk*) 

I know, all of you are saying (except Debbie, DEBBIE IS WITH ME, AREN'T YOU DARLING!!), "you'll just have to get use to it."  Well, no, I don't and I refuse.  This was it for me.  I'll only keep watching cause frankly, my kid wants to watch the damn thing in English.  I am also slightly masochistic, so I just have to see how they can screw over Renji.

Oh and I ALSO refuse to accept Urahara's VA.  Its horrible.  I don't care what you people think.  Ura-chan is suppose to be mysterious and playful and smexy.  This guy is just wacky and creepy.  (This has nothing to do with Miki-sama, nope! X3)  Everyone else has grown on me slightly but Ishida was the final straw.  And yes, I KNOW there are worse dubs (please no one tell me about the One Piece one, I've heard it all before) but that doesn't mean I have to like the mediocre ones...

*goes back into hiatus hole*
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Girl, 11, assaulted by 20 males.

Ok, Originally found this at Seren's journal and initially it triggers the 'OMFG, THOSE MONSTERS!' reaction.  Then you realize that most of the 20 were in fact children themselves.  Question:  What are they learning at home that they even think for a moment that this is "fun"?  I am a parent of a six-year-old girl and live in a large metropolitan area. This generation and I believe I can safely say the next one that includes my child (and THAT, my friends is what frightens me more) is just going to to get worse just from viewing the way fellow parents are raising their children.

There is NO parental responsibility or discipline in the home anymore. More and more I see parents blaming their child's problems on everyone and everything other than themselves or their child. Parents are not parents, they try to be friends and companions first and that is WRONG. A child must have limits and to get along in society and it is an injustice to the child to do otherwise.

I believe this problem started probably along the time when we began worrying about hurting our children's "feelings" by punishing them. (yes, I have heard a parent say such a thing) That it will crush their fragile self-esteem NOT to have everything they make grabby hands at or to be told no.  They give their child everything it asks for and then wonder why he rapes someone when she tells him no.

Let me make one thing clear...children are not innocent little angels to be spoiled and are not "blank slates". I don't care what the psychologist says. My child came into the world with a definite personality that I had to learn to react to accordingly. And a child will try to get away with what they can and test their limits and you. Chloe tries to manipulate me on a DAILY basis and she is a good kid.  And if you don't show them who is in charge of your home and who is the parent first, your is a house full of anarchy, which translates my friends into a society of anarchy.

We have reaped what we have sowed. Its going to take a lot of work fix it, mostly starting with the next generation....

This is my public service announcement I guess.  I just had to get it off my chest.  *feels chest*  Aahh, better!
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Is it just me or is Savefile being a bitch to everyone today?......GAH!

*stomps off to do laundry*
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*bounces on heels*  You don't expect someone to be excited about their first flame, but I'm not right in the head anyway......Just ask the doctor who gives me my happy pills!  ;3!
Anywho, I guess you aren't a real writer, good or bad, until you have a flame or hate mail, and EUREKA!, I got some.
Never claimed to be a great writer, hell, I'm not much of a good one, I just write what the voices tell me.......(Shinji and Kensei smut?  Yes master!)

But in an open letter to flamers everywhere, let me just state, if you have a problem with the pairing in the story, (clears throat) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T READ IT.  Thats what the little info at the top is for.  And if you have a problem with smut, pr0n, or NC-17 content (clears throat again) THEN SKIP IT, RUN AWAY, TURN AROUND, HIT THE BACK BUTTON....NC-17 means graphic content.  Otherwise it would be R.  Read the warnings, if something squicks you, again, DON'T READ IT!  I will not apologize when I warned you.  This concludes common sense 101 in regards to fanfic.  Please tune in next time to learn how to read without repeating it out loud.....

Aahhh, that too much sarcasm?  Pffftt!  ;P!

*flitters away to finish Kensei/Shinji/Lisa smut for Shini!*


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