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Yes, the theme song for Ouran Koukou Host Club, which by the way I finally pre-ordered Volume 7 from B&N (drumming fingers until Sept), but also because my 6 year old daughter has a stalker.  Maybe stalker is too strong of a word but when I was 6, little boys were not allowed to call little girls to tell them they love them (yuk! cooties!).  His name is Julian and he loves her *Pfft*.  He is six..........its scary.   Chloe says she just likes him as a friend.  I told her good because her she was a little young and not to worry about boys ummm forever.....

Anyway Raw for Bleach 231 just came out with Script (OMG Urahara, Fangirl Squeeeee!!!).  Really excited about the next issue.  Bouncing up and down with happiness.  Grimmjow brings much happiness also, mrow yummy.

I also am bouncy today because I finally got my beautiful Shinji Yamaguchi doujin I ordered from Ebay about a month ago.  It is gorgeous....the way she draws Kenshin and Kaoru is just *sigh*..  The guy in Japan I got it from was really professional, I will use him again.

The Ball&Chain's birthday next week, must think of something to get him.  He has already started his yearly week of pre-birthday depression.  "Moving from the early thirties to the late thirties....blah, blah, blah," (he'll be 35).  I just nod my head and wait till he is finished and ask him if he would rather it be the alternative....he shuts up.  Gotta think of something to get him though, everyone in the family is always getting him clothes and I can't afford what he REALLY wants (I just had to have a thing for muscians in college didn't I?)...
I'll come up with something...

Well, gonna sign off....the cat is trying to climb the blinds again.

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Yes, its that time of year again. Yesterday, I once again was reminded of my mortality (what, I'm not depressed *goes in closet to grow mushrooms*). My baby brother called me first thing yesterday morning to reminding me it was my last birthday as a twenty-something (next time I see him I owe him a wedgie). Twenty-nine.....oddly enough I think this bothers me more than thirty will next year. Of course I could change my mind....but I don't think so. It almost seems anticlimactic.

Oh well, 3Jane, thanks for posting Chapter 11 *claps*, was great and amusing. Naughty, naughty Mugen....can he come cheer me up? I need some pervy bad boys to take my mind off of my plight. I am anxiously awaiting Chappy 12.

On a merry note Impossibility finally released Gokusen v9 ch1. Oh noes, Shin in twouble, I wonder who will have to rescue our beloved red-haired bishie....Yankumi is such a funny little badass.
I also finally got my hands on some of the subbed live action episodes of Gokusen. I must say that even though it does not completely follow the manga, it is really good. The actress they have playing Yankumi is spot on.

I have once again committed myself to another addicting manga (I really need to stop doing this first InuYasha, Gokusen, FullMetal Alchemist, then Bleach, thank God Kenshin ended or I would never finish reading.), Addicted to Curry. Yes, yes I know, the title sounds dumb and uninspiring. But good God is it FUNNY! And you should not read when you are hungry either. In every issue they give you the recipe for the curry made that episode. It is a little, ummm, ecchi, in places, (in one issue there is a sex scene that comes completely out of nowhere.) with the protagonist sneaking peaks at the restaurant owners daughter but nothing worse than boobs or the odd ass shot.

Well the daughter is needing her dinner so must bring this pitiful ramble to an end *headdesk*.


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