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Hello friends listers~  Hope your weekend was lovely and spiffy and all of that happy shite.  Greg came home from his trip Friday.  I had a great date night planned...we...er...kinda..didn't make it much past the front door, but all in all a good homecoming for him (oh pun intended darlings~!) 

I was planning to make a weekend of our time together until mom brought the chibli back, until the income tax came back and I saw that ....look on Gregory's face.  We've been talking about needing a new car for AGES now and this was all the excuse he needed.  So ladies and gents, I'm the proud owner of a slightly used 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix.  All the bells and whistles.  We got it for a good price mainly cause we had to go ....ALL THE WAY UP TO GADSDEN (can you say 5 hour drive?) to get it from his grandfather who sells cars.  Its like a family....thing..  but it's paid for.  And it's very nice and sporty!   Finally got back from there late Sunday night (mother brought the kid down there) and here we are today..

Anyway, what's going on with you lot?   Anything good?

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Well, in-laws gone.  Whooosh.  Wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Just one migraine.  (Coincidentally, it happened when the father-in-law mentioned Chucky Cheese, ugh)  Had a pretty good time.  Everyone behaved, but they were only here for two days.  I managed to talk the daughter out of CC (What?!  I can't help it if mediocre pizza and overcrowded places with snotty, sarcastic children is NOT how I wanted to spend my Sunday lunch...)  We went to a place near our house that has mini golf and go-carts and that satisfied her.  And mommy got to have a nice lunch at a Thai restaurant...

Also doing a happy dance this evening for two reasons: 1) Cella put up her new chapter of Greek Tragedy up and it pwns..*waves at Cella!* and 2)  After a 4 FRICKIN MONTH WAIT, Maximum 7 finally comes out with 9 new chapters of Mieru Hito.  *Squeee*  Considering that it was left on a cliffhanger, *grumble, grumble*, I am more than pleased!  8D

GDP loved that Renji by the way *snort*, draw me some more!  psst -  and try me  grimmy! teehee!
Janie, Nenju was love and kisses!!  but it needs more love and kisses *spanks you*

Thats it for now, the manga is calling me!  Gotta go see what Myojin is up to..
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After this weeks fangirling, spazz marathon (liek woah!), I figured I needed a real post.....yes? 

First gonna pimp out Cella-chan's [[profile] stereotype_vamp] lovely fic Rebirth Of A Phoenix, its dark and moving and utterly beautiful....*wibbles thinking about it*.  *clings to Cella*

Next, Deb-chan, I promise to have that Keigo/Tatsuki fic up by tonight/early morning by the latest.  I was going to post, but with the developments of 240, I decided to tweek it abit...
Seren, this promise goes for you too since it is originally a story for [profile] allbleachedup...Speaking of you Seren, how goes it?  Haven't talked to you in ages it seems, doin' better?  Drop me some comments or YM me....

Finally, have to post the fic today because, GUESS WHAT?!  My in-laws called today......

Me:  Hey Teresa, how goes it?
Mom-in-law:  Well tomorrow, we'll be in the neighborhood, thought we'd stop by and spend the weekend!  We hardly see ya'll!  And we have stuff from the garden for you and Dad-in-law and I have some more stuff for the princess!
Me: Ehheheh....S-sure....what time will you be here?
Mom-in-law:  Oh, sometime in the morning, you know Dad-in-law, he likes to leave early!
Me: *weeps*

So all day today, it has been Flight of the Bumblebee-type cleaning!  So until Monday, I only be on here sporadically...

Oh, Seme-samaKage-chan and Cheza-chan, LOVED THE CRACK FIC!!   I needed it after the phone call!!  *glomps/molests you both*

Thats it for now!
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Finally made it back last night from the in-laws last night.  Whoosh.  Instead of enjoying the freedom today, I have been stuck with a mysterious stomach virus that has keep me in bed most of the day. *blech*  The week went pretty well over all.  Only wanted to kill the brother-in-law 2 or 3 times and managed to control my homocidal tendancies, especially since I had forgotten that it was his daughter's first birthday that week.  (bad aunty).  My husband's sister got the stellar idea *coughsarcasmcough* to host a party for a one-year old outside....at one in the afternoon....in July......with over 30 relatives......did I mention this is taking place in the glorius, yet scorching southern US, where the humidity alone makes it hard to breathe.......

I was good, didn't say a thing (well not to her, just to my husband who agreed his sister is a few fries short of a happy meal) and Chloe managed to have a good time anyway.  Of course she had about 10 to 15 people always doting and telling her how wonderful and pretty she was....and how smart and grown-up she was for a 6 year-old.........there will be no living with her after this.  She eats it all up, not that her father and I don't think she is all of these things and love her, we do, we just know that living with her after hearing all of that will be impossible.  She already has a healthy ego, no need to inflate it so her head can't fit though the door.  Grandparents are good for that.

Only had one run-in with the father-in-law, ended in a truce on both sides.  He was acting like a know-it-all.  Can't even remember what about, it is an affliction of his.  I had already been there 4 days and been uncommonly good according to Greg, when the mouth opened on its own.  It was funny afterward as I caught my mother-in-law laughing in the master bedroom about it.  She was the one he was going off on and apparently appreciated it.

Other than that same old routine of staying in the in-law household, they are repressed but good people.  My husband was the black sheep but was redeemed though our daughter, the High Princess Chloe, I just wish they would quit hinting about another royal addition....*sigh*

An upnote, went shopping in Boaz, Alabama at a store called 'Unclaimed Baggage'.  They have another in Scottsboro bigger they tell me.  It is where they sell ALL of the stuff that people leave on airplanes, that airlines lose and what not.  I am building a shrine to that store.  It is the Mecca of Shopping.  I bought a brand new Sony Walkman with batteries for ten dollars......brand new.......BRAND NEW, STILL IN THE BOX.  I also broke down and bought some My Little Pony's for Chloe for 1 dollar a piece, brand new still in the box.  They had some MP3 players I was dying to get but Greg didn't come and if I bought such without him I never would have heard the end of it.  They had everything you could think of there.  Some slightly used, some new.  *sigh*  I makes me all sparkly.
Well, gotta see a man about a wallaby.
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*Bounces around in chair*
You must forgive, been emursed the last few hours in Ouran Host Club Volume 6.  FINALLY (Caplock yelling) came in the mail after a month and a half back order *grrrrr*.  I suppose they can't help it has become insanely popular.   Volume 7 does not come out until September though *drumming nails on desk*.

*Trying not to spoil........*  But....finally Haruhi heart starts softening towards someone in this volume, won't say who and spoil it for you *coughseeiconcough*.  Not a whole lot though, just enough to suspect which way the manga-ka's wind is blowing *wink*.

Oh, [personal profile] gallo_de_pelea, if you still want those Bleach just let me know in a post and I can zip as many Volumes as you need and email them to you.  I have enough to keep you Bleach fix for a long time. *wink*  But psst, *whisper* you have to draw me Renji as soon as you get to him *giggle*.

Going up to see the in-laws in a couple weeks.......*sigh*.   They want to take the whole clan, by whole clan I mean my husbands parents, two sisters with the one's husband and baby, plus his mother's sister and her husband AND his mothers father (I suppose I don't have to mention that Greg, Chloe and I are included, ne?) to Gatlinburg for a BIG FAMILY GET-TOGETHER.....*feeling massive headache coming on..*   I will try to be good because it is his mom's dream to get everyone together ( a twisted one, but a dream ).  But me and the sister's husband tend to snark at each other everytime we are in the same room and all those women are soooo sensitive and can't take my sarcasm.  I see lots of alcohol in my future (and migraine meds, but not together *smile* )  I just know I'll make someone cry without meaning too.....*sigh*  Oh well, I must endure.  Will take 2 Death Note Volumes and my new Elizabeth Peters and hope to tune him out.

Gotta go do the dishes...


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