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Well, three finals down and the Math one to go tomorrow. That's the one I'm afraid I'm gonna bomb... big time. It's comprehensive and I remember crap about what we did at the beginning of the semester.. heh, good luck to me, yeah?

My mum is here for a visit, through the weekend. Dad will be coming on Friday. Gonna be celebrating Chloe's birthday this weekend. Her birthday isn't till the 9th but of course everyone can't get together in the middle of the week so.. *shrugs* So, that is always fun.. with them together.. (if you don't know THAT story, it is for another time..). So lots of fun between now and then.

And it's been a while since I've done this too! Shini! doin' it reminded me..

Commenter's Meme )

So, Seme-sama, you're still the tops! With AC and My Wifey-chan following up! hurhur~~

That's all for today~
Ja~ Mandachan~
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WHOOSH!!  In all honesty, I guess today hasn't been that bad.....if you don't count the five different ways fate has tried to tell me to go back to bed and just stay there until it all goes away.......

Would have felt better today if not for the Migraine....its that time of the month again, can't do anything about that (also feel its related to phone call from mother this morning but will keep that to myself so *shhh*)  Going to be bad and take some of my emergency rescue migraine narcs if I can't sleep tonite.  I AM READY TO SLEEP.  Just one night please.  Especially after today. 

You guys (you know who you are!) have been so sweet so I thought I would say:  I LOVE YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY WITTLE HEART!!!!!!!!

[profile] ran_huo and [personal profile] kageisuke the fics made me feel better *loves on you*
And [profile] _debbiechan_ is going to write me pr0n!!!!!  Thats enough to make ANYONES day!!!!  *wibbles on debbie*

Ta, ta my lovelies must try to convince the little hamster to get in the bed....


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