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CELLA!!!  and anyone else who reads Gokusen on my f-list!  Gokusen Volume 9 Chapter 3 is finally out today!!!

I have teh linkage!  It is on Sendspace, here.  And if you don't read Gokusen, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY DON'T YOU?

*dashes off to read about Yankumi and Shin*
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Well went over to bleachforums.com to see of the Raw was out yet. It is not but someone has posted a pic of the pages of the "almost kiss and confession".  It really is heartbreaking and you really do feel for Orihime.  You could feel the emotion in her expression.  It was really beautiful.  Maybe it will come out tomorrow, it looks really emotional.

On a different note, InuYasha translation came out.  Fluffy had a full color cover *squee!*.  And boy is his mother a bitch! (er, no pun intended...well, maybe just a little.  >:3)  First off asking if Rin was dinner!  Then testing him for some trinket his father wants him to have, then the thing that is "testing" him gets Rin.....NO RIN YOU CAN'T DIE!!  Of course thats how it ended with her cute little face in close-up in the things stomach waiting for her Sesshoumaru-sama......EEEK!  (Of course when asked by his mother he denied he was going to save the human girl, but to defeat the beast.....Sure you are Fluffy.....We believe you......*coughsarcasmcough*)
Here is Fluffy in full color!!


Ahh, now I just need an update in Gokusen. *drumming nails on desk*  It has been more than a while...*sigh*
oh, well can't have everything can I? *wanders off to bed*

EDIT:  Gokusen 9, Ch 2 came out *Squeeeeee!*  OMG, Shin in MAKE-UP in one panel!  Yankumi is just as crazy as ever!  Lord bless Morimoto-sensei!  I needed her crack!


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