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Deb-chan, finally got it posted, BOOYA!!  I still don't like it.  Something missing...(not just pr0n either, ku ku ku).  Oh well.  I wanted to write this because they are my new ship.  I mean come on, have you seen 239!  Anyway here it is, no pr0n.  Is there something wrong with me?  *feels forehead*

Characters:  Keigo/Tatsuki, Mizuiro
  PG-13 for potty mouths and adult content
Warning(s):  SPOILERS for current manga chapters up to and including 240
Quote:  I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. ~ Jimmy Dean
Dedication:  To [profile] _debbiechan_ who has had it rough for a while and needs a smile, and shares my new ship!

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first one-shot length fic released to the public in over a year.  Inspired by a conversation with Cella (and Grimmy's pecs, well the conversation was about his pecs anyway....)  whoosh.  Bleach fic.  Crossposted to several of their coms might as well paste it on over here too.  I think its alright.  I'm not too good at smut, but the bunny bit and frickin drew blood dammit!
Here goes....(I know you guys know I don't own these characters right, right.)

This is a continuation of a drabble I did for Grimmjow week at [profile] bleach_quickies....
Title:  Princess of Hueco Mundo
Author:  ardane1
Genre: Umm..smut, horror
SPOILERS  for Manga Chapters 233-235,  If you don't wanna know don't read....
Rating: R-NC17ish,  if you have a problem with noncon, bondage, blood or Hime abuse don't read, remember this is Grimmjow.
Summary: Umm...can't give too much with out spoilers.. but Grimmjow/Orihime horror/smut with Aizen thrown in for cameo flavor....

Dedicated to [profile] shinigamikender who shares my love for all things arrancar and [profile] stereotype_vamp who shares my passion for Grimmy's pecs (Cella you inspired this today!)
Not Beta'd,(but checked in word processor does that count?) might be some mistakes..sorry if there are.  Be gentle with me....

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EEEEeeeeeeee!!!!  Yes the subject line is the front page quote from the Bleach 234 script!!!
After the whole fake fiasco yesterday morning, they got the real one out and translated.
*trying sooooooo hard not to spoil*  But.....Ulquiorra is so badass and creepy in this chappy *shivers*
I can't wait for the lineart *fangirl squeal!*  Next weeks 235 better be as awesome as I hope *sends mental thoughts at Kubo-sensei*
*Cuddles and Protects Luppi* 
Told my husband my new slogan for Bleach:  Bleach - the only Shounen manga with Canon tenticle rape *insert manaical laughter here*
He didn't think it was funny....O_O....?

Also waiting on the Ouran 14 to be subbed.  It looked funny on the previews but someone told me it was nothing like the Alice n/Wonderland chappy in the Manga.  I hope they did a decent job anyway, it seems like they have until now.

Been reading too much Yaoi manga lately.......must control my addiction to pretty men.  Pfft.
Been re-reading the Viewfinder series again. *Asami, drool....*  And also Fingertip Love by Naono Bohra, actually I have been on a kick of her works lately (she has LOVELY art).  I must find a life.  Naa. 

Thinking about starting to re-watch Champloo again to go along with the final chapters of the lovely [profile] 3jane's Nenju.  I have been needing a good Mugen fix.  After reading [personal profile] laurabryannan's Wanderings and Homecoming I am afraid I might overheat just gazing at the screen and daydreaming *wink*. (Shameless plug for fics)

Must taa for now going to work on a few drabbles for the Bleach Quickes this week.  The person is Grimmy and we all know I want to sex him up.
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I am the shit today.  I finished another drabble for the Challenge over at Bleach Quickies.  Tried 'Sticker' this time.  I managed to keep it under 200.  New Challenge up tomarrow, lets see if I am up for it.

[Challenge 1]  Sticker

Characters: Ichigo/Rukia
Prompt: Sticker
Rating: R (Smutty)
Word Count: 146

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Meh, if I hear anymore about hurricane season or hurricane preparedness on the news down here, I think I will go throw myself into Mobile Bay.
Look, we KNOW there will be hurricanes alright.  We KNOW we have to get prepared. But shit, give us a break for five minutes in talking about how many we might have or how many might come our way.  It is only 1 week into the season and I already am sick of hearing about it.  I don't know if I can last until November.

Anyway, I have started writing again after a two year break.  (Shocking to myself, my muse returned from Cozumel and didn't bring me a flippin THING).  Wrote a drabble I posted at http://community.livejournal.com/bleach_quickies/. I don't know if it is that good seeing as how it is my first Bleach and my first drabble and the first thing I have written in 2 years.  Meh, I have to start somewhere I guess.  I'll post it here if anyone is curious.  Thinking about creating a series of drabbles on the same theme.  Oh well duty calls (or the six year old leech stuck to my leg that is).

[Challenge 1]  tiara

characters:  Ichigo/Rukia/Nanao/?
prompt:  tiara
rating:  pg13
words: Oops over 200 (about 230 but it is my first drabble)

Tiara )


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