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Okay, since so many other of my pretties have talked about it, guess I will.  That new community of degenerates, bleachanon?  Can go and take a flying leap.  A bunch of immature prepubescent children who WISH they had half of the talent most of those people they bash on that disgusting mockery of a community have.  They have more class over at fandomwank.....and THAT'S saying something....  I am an official attack dog for my girls [personal profile] debbiechan and [profile] shinigamikender and proud of it.

In other less.....anger inducing news, I think I did horrible on my Spanish test today.  OH DRAMA AND ANGST!  I've been sickly and didn't have time to study.  Plus have a math quiz tomorrow and a two part Literature test Wed. and Fri.  Blargh.  Why am I going to school again?

Oh and RP is taking over my life.  I have the two characters now and have applied for a third......waiting on the application to get reviewed....*twiddles fingers*  Its like crack.  I BLAME YOU GRASSHOPPER!  And Billy for helping to make it fun.  And Mell too. XP

Thats all for now, must go and eat some dinner~

Ja mata~
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Sadly I don't have much of one lately.  School has sucked it up.  What hasn't been sucked up by school has been sucked up by my family, with Greg's new job or by my new foray into AU/Crossover RP'ness.  Between homework (either mine or my chibli's), taking care of the family, and my NEW OBSESSION! (thanks Grasshopper...), who knows when I'll have time to think.

I am editing two stories,one for Cella and one for AC.  And finishing up Seme-sama's.  I also have this MASSIVE PLOT BUNNY knawing at my leg.... and its a Dark Fic of all things.  *wibbles*.  I have started on Moochi's fic too, but this Dark fic is eating my brain....  MMMmmmm Brainz.....

Anywayyyyy, I need to FANGURL about the Bleach anime~ for a moment~~~.  ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!  ISSHINGAMI AND RYUUKEN-QUINCY!!  *DIES OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS!*  I knew his hair was white...  One complaint though...I just wish those damn mod-souls would drop off the face of the earth.  I'm sorry if anyone else finds them...amusing.  But they need to go.  NOW.

The RP I have been sucked into, [community profile] sortinghat_rp is all kinds of fun.  Currently, (My fellow Samurai Champloo fans will kill me, teehee), the Mugen-player is interested in pursuing a relationship with my Tatsuki.... XP!  We shall see~~~

That is all for now~~

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*Le Sigh....*
Well, school is going okay.  My classes are gonna be interesting, to say the least... but on my way out of my first class Friday, I was coming down the stair and some schmuck bumped into me making me twist my ankle..

Now it is 4 different colors and swollen up to the size of my head...  Had to miss my last class, cause it hurt so bad when it happened I thought I was gonna hurl.  Blek.  I'm glad Monday is a holiday, so maybe it'll heal enough that all of the walking required by that campus won't kill me. 

On a better note, got accepted into the [community profile] sortinghat_rp community.  It mixes Hogwarts and your favorite fandoms.  (no Harry Potter at school though..).  Its quite fun so far.  I joined as Tatsuki.  If anyone is interested in my character journal for HPTatsuki it is [personal profile] dragonofhonor.  She is, not surprisingly a Gryffindor.  ^^!  Thinking about applying another character...maybe Isane....don't know...and possibly one at [profile] shinigamikender's Mercy Street.  *is pondering..*  Just depends on how much free time I have left now that school has started. 

Also, ALSO!!! must brag on chibli a bit.  She made the Principal's Honor Roll.  All A's and S's.  *Shine of Mommy Happiness*.  8D.

While I'm laid up this weekend, it'll give me a chance to work on fics...(bout time right?)

That's it for now..
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 Big post, I guess....

Well I've done it,   [profile] acdragonmaster  finally talked me into it.   I have  become an  RPer.  I have joined [community profile] sages_of_chaos as Unohana.  It is actually pretty fun.  I don't think I want to try more than one character though.  Unohana is enough for now.  I am going to try to play her as in character as I can....well, manga in character.  But I'll have quite a bit of leeway, I think as far as her past as a captain goes.  The only other person in the 4th they have there is Hana and he is a good Hana. 

If you are curious about my little RP profile I put together, I'll put the link here...
I've only been her for all of one day and she has already intimidated Zaraki into speechlessness and given Yachiru a large enough bag of candy to cause pandamonium.  For a look at amusing Zaraki intimidation ( and this was my first post ever there so I sprung it on him *teehee* ) you can look here...  (See Seme-sama!  Its fun!!  *pokes you*  I need more 4th division!)

In other news....Bleach 245...
*random keyboard smash*   *fangirl explosion*
SPOOOOOOONNNNNNKARRRRRR!!!!!!   XDXDXD!!!    AND BOOBIEKAR SPEAKS!!!  *is excited about girl arrancar*
GLASSESKAR IS NUMMY!!!  I smell yaoi plot bunny.....Glasseskar/Ishida?  fufufu!!  XD!
And Kubo is chanelling Dune!!!  All we frickin' need is the Water of Life!  The Spice must flow man!!!  XDXD!!
Yay for return of Ichigo/Ishida snark!!!  They do what they do best!!  Annoy the hell out of each other!!  8D
*bounces around, munching on chips*
Now Kubo, I just want to know their names, dammit!  *makes note to send thoughts towards Japan...XD*

Well thats all for now, I've gotta do some laundry and dishes...yada, etc...blah, blah....
Ja-ne!! [profile]


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