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Wrote this for the Week # 4 Challenge for [profile] allbleachedup.

This is crack....no apologies.  Its been done before I'm sure but I couldn't get the Urahara-as-a-perv image out of my head, so, sorry. ^^.

Author:  ardane1[[profile] ardane1]
Characters:  Urahara, Ichigo, Ishida
Warning(s):  No spoilers today....I don't think......well, if you don't know about bankai or anything  you might be lost..also sort of AUish....
Prompt:  Bed
Dedications:  To my Seme-sama, Kage-chan[[personal profile] kageisuke], who I love more than cake!  >:3

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Chloe has been on here bothering me almost ALL DAY LONG......
After her precious Archer got done, I thought she would be satisfied, but noooooooooooooo....... in her 6 year-old logic she said that since we had done 3 girls, we needed to do three boys. *sigh*

I will post them with a lj cut here to show her I DID actually post them like I promised....

Here are Ishida, Ichigo and Renji, respectively
Finding Uryuu's and Renji's hair, was a bitch.  Ichigo's was surprisingly easy.  Made Renji snarl because everytime I've seen him smile its wide and full of teeth and it made the doll look like a dumbass....

Thats all for now, I know Renji looks retarded but hey Chloe thought he looked good....:/
(Please for the love of all thats holy, let my child forget about this tomorrow!!!)
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GAH!  It really needs to stop raining just for one minute down here, just to dry out a little.  School starts in two weeks *goes to calender and weeps again* and we have run out of things to occupy our time.....by our I mean the Grand High Princess of the House.  Today she has been more hyper than a rabbit on crack and all it has done is rain, rain, rain.  *Deep sigh*   It was raining too hard to even take her anywhere, but she was so wound I wasn't sure it was a good idea anyway.  Luckily her father knew not to give me a hard time about the living room looking the way it did when he got home *glares at him again*.......

On a funny note, rewatching Bleach, because the fillers...,yeah.  Daughter became interested, which I don't mind too much except it is the sub and I have to explain what is going on when she can't read something.  She is in uber-love with Ishida.  *snorfle*  Could be because of the bow and arrow thing.  She watches InuYasha and kind of hero worships Kagome and asked for a bow and arrow last Christmas.  When we got her a toy one, she played with it a while then, probably the start of this summer she came to me and said she wanted a real one.

Me:  "A real what?"
Chloe: "Bow and Arrow, momma."
Me: *blink*
Chloe:  "Can I, please?"
Me:  "What would you do with it?  Most people use them to hunt like your uncle and we don't do that."
Chloe:  "I just want to learn archery."
Me:  *blink*  *blink*  "Where did you learn that word?"
Chloe:  *shrug*

Most of our conversations go like this when she asks for something.  So I guess she'll get one for Christmas.  They just started selling childrens bows for hunting season and they have an archery class at the Y for her age believe it or not.  Meanwhile  she is in dork love with the Quincy, it would be precious if she didn't try to shoot the cat after watching him everytime.  =_=.

Aaahhh, if anyone is wanting to put a face with the little Quincy lover I finally got her Kindergarten graduation pics back in the mail.  There was all kinds of problems with the photographers, and the school, etc, etc......

Just for info, she don't look like me......she has my nose and complexion....thats it.  When I'm with her, I think I look like the nanny...
(And I'm proud of this picture because of her hair, she has stick straight hair and I worked dammit to get that mess to curl, huzzah!)

Sheesh,  [profile] bleach_quickies is doing Hirako this week, gotta think of people to pr0n him with, but, buh, no one but hiyori comes to mind....any ideas?


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