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I am loving Halibel's bitch crew.  I can't decide which one is my favourite, besides the Lady Espada.  She is moving on up the ladder to be one of my favourites as well.  Smart and cool little thing she is.  I still say she's got to be high in the rankings.

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Hee.. Spoilers abound here but I can't help it.  I just read the translation and well, the NAME of his Zanpakutou gives a lot away about his appearance, ne?

But.. what KILLED me, was the one page where Grimmy is hanging in the air and... his feet... *giggles*

Just look for yourself..
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I just got caught up~~  heehee~ 

The small Ulqui and Grimmy confrontation was.. love!  and..  and.. so short! D:  WHY MUST YOU TEMPT US KUBO?!!  D:

But there is something about badass, bastard, crazy Grimmjow that just.. just.. UNF UNF!!  <3!

Kubo is drawing him prettier and prettier.  I just might die before his and Ichigo's fight is over..  *wallows in Grimmy-fangirlness*  And Nell!  If Nell gets ANY cuter, I just might die of cute.  Really.  I want a Nell!  D:

Fangirling over, I just.. I JUST DON'T WANT GRIMMY TO DIE!  Even though he IS a sadistic bastard... <.<;;

In personal news, never try to carry too many groceries by yourself upstairs, it's a recipe for DISASTER..  owie..
Not much happening, Greg has to go on another trip July 9 and we're going to visit my mum this weekend.. *nervous smile*  eheh...   Writing again, how is that for fun!  Janie's fic unlocked my inspiration, trouble is I have like 5 plot bunnies floating in my head knawing at me, have to decide which is priority.. D:

Anyway, f-list, what's up with you?

Raw 274~

May. 11th, 2007 05:01 pm
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Here there be SPOILERS!

I am soooo happy~~  If someone wants to take it upon themselves and start writing Ren/Ishi fics.. I WILL HAVE YOUR INTERNET BABIES!!~~~
Also, I am falling more and more in love with Szayelaporro (yes, that is his official Kubo given name now..  Oh Kubo, you nut, you).  His insane cackling and overall craziness in this chapter was just love and awesomeness..  Ohhhh, I wuve him sooooo~~~

But I'm with Shini in that the best scenes were with the sisters and Orihime.  In-frickin-tense.  I can't wait for the scans~

That's all~
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Spoilers: ignore if you don't wanna be spoiled

*going to go stare at Grimmy again and possibly get hit with bemu!*

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There shall be spoilers..  if you don't wanna know..  GO AWAY!

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Well, here I go changing details on my one fic I'm working on with Ulquiorra in it.. -_-;;


Raw 271 )
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This.. this is WHY I'm a member of [community profile] capslock_bleach...

[Error: unknown template 'video']

"Welcome to Hueco Mundo Singapore.."

POTC + Bleach = WIN and AWESOMESAUCE.....

This reminds me of that Omake where they were dressed up as pirates with Kenpachi as the captain.. XD


EDIT:  ZOMG!  Someone reuploaded Soul Society Karaoke Night AMV!!  I have a lot of new flist'ers who might not have seen it when I showed it before so it is here!  MAJOR CRACK.

Bleach 270

Apr. 5th, 2007 03:20 pm
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Spoilers below the cut.. also.. wibbling.. and flailing beware..
Spoilers )

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*can't....stop.... laughing* !!! *ded*

Ghost Rider Ichigo Parody AMV

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So... if you wanna skip this post, its alright.. I HAVE TO FANGIRL NOW!


ZOMG!  GRIMMJOW IS .....UNF AND UNF AGAIN!  His....his seiyuu.... Junichi Suwabes, oh my ....I have no words to describe the ....liquid smex that comes through in that voice...  I was mesmerized the entire time he was on the screen (and by that I mean I was in a drooling coma). 

Grasshopper, I know you don't watch the anime....but, this is WORTH IT.  EVERY MINUTE.  *flops over and is ded*

I must leave you with a couple of pictures from the anime...
Ja mata~
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Gonna post some textless icons for my Seme-sama who couldn't resist the call of Grimmy-chan~  Anyone else who is interested is welcome~

Under the cut~

That's it Seme-sama!  Hope you can use some... 8D

That is all~
Ja mata
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This is long overdue.  I was gonna do this for Valentine's day and lots of stuff kept intruding (Y Halo Thar Life!), so here it is a special MASSIVE MANDACHAN PICTURE SPAMAGE just for her babes, but especially for her Grasshopper and for Rappy!

Onto the Men!

There you have it my lovelies!  Another Picture post of d00m, brought to you by the Men of Bleach!
Ja Mata!
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Why am I singing old Eric Carmen songs in my journal subject?  Well, simple really, its the week of the major part of the Gras down here you know, and my mother, (bless her cause I almost killed her), popped in saying since my kid was off for a week for Mardi Gras, she would just take her back home with her!  I say popped in because she actually called me on Thursday saying she would be there that night, after she was already on the road.... -_-...  Also, my husband goes on a business trip Monday and won't be back until Friday...


So, Mandachan will be by herself for 5 days... DD:  *sniffle*  Just me and the cat.  *wibble*  And I'm out of school Monday and Tuesday...can you say boooorrrreeeeddddd.  *sigh*  Someone save me...

So enough emoing about my situation, Kubo is trying to kill me with this whole Kaien thing...  GAH!  *flops over*  And now I've caught up with FullMetal Alchemist and Arakawa is also trying to give me ulcers..  Ugh, nothing better happen to Winry... *roooolllllls*    But I do have some crackalicious new icons *points up*  Ichigo is his own OT4! XD  Heehee~  

And I am pleased to say that [profile] bleach_anon is no more...  Good freakin' riddance.
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I'll put it under the cut for those not on large bandwith. (see aren't I sweet~)

Will make lovely pic post laters~~~
Ja mata
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Ummm, just stole from [personal profile] 3_jane , *waves*, MEME TIME~!

If you landed in Bleach and screwed things up... by biteme65
Your best friend becomes:
You get married to:
But are sleeping with:
You kill:
Who has children with:
You shove Kon's spirit into:
And decide to adopt:
Who kills you finally?
But it's possible you'll come back as:

I hear wedding bells Janie, love!  *squishes you*
Also my best friend is Hime!  Which is partially true anyway...(Hi Cella!)

Also, she may get Renji, but I get Shuuhei and Jyuu-chan!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it~!  XP

Although, WTF is everyone having children with Gin for, O_o....  Hope the plushie didn't carry to term...XXDD

That is all~
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I have been......frighteningly busy lately with school and trying to write fics and the RP that Cell-belle and now Seme-sama are in with me....  But, but, BUT!!!!  NOT TOO BUSY TO SEE THE NEW RAW BLEACH 113!!

MUST CAPSLOCK SQUEEEEEEE!!!~~~~  ULQUIORRA YOU SEXY LITTLE BITCH!  YESH!  Their voices, (oh yeah, Yammi was there too...), are won~der~ful~~~.....  *SPONTANEOUS ULQUIGASM*

Also caught up on the manga....is it me, or is Chad getting FREAKIN' SMEXIER!!    GRRRROOOOWWWWRRRR!!!!!  I never even thought he was smexy before, kinda nice to gaze at maybe, but now......LOOK AT THE BAD ASS GOOOOO!!!!   WHOOOT!!!  (Left Arm of the Devil, indeed.)

Am emo'y about Ciruchi though.....I kinda liked that crazy little bitch.... 

Anyway~  That's all for now~ kinda short I know, but life and school calls~

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Sadly I don't have much of one lately.  School has sucked it up.  What hasn't been sucked up by school has been sucked up by my family, with Greg's new job or by my new foray into AU/Crossover RP'ness.  Between homework (either mine or my chibli's), taking care of the family, and my NEW OBSESSION! (thanks Grasshopper...), who knows when I'll have time to think.

I am editing two stories,one for Cella and one for AC.  And finishing up Seme-sama's.  I also have this MASSIVE PLOT BUNNY knawing at my leg.... and its a Dark Fic of all things.  *wibbles*.  I have started on Moochi's fic too, but this Dark fic is eating my brain....  MMMmmmm Brainz.....

Anywayyyyy, I need to FANGURL about the Bleach anime~ for a moment~~~.  ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!  ISSHINGAMI AND RYUUKEN-QUINCY!!  *DIES OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS!*  I knew his hair was white...  One complaint though...I just wish those damn mod-souls would drop off the face of the earth.  I'm sorry if anyone else finds them...amusing.  But they need to go.  NOW.

The RP I have been sucked into, [community profile] sortinghat_rp is all kinds of fun.  Currently, (My fellow Samurai Champloo fans will kill me, teehee), the Mugen-player is interested in pursuing a relationship with my Tatsuki.... XP!  We shall see~~~

That is all for now~~

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ASDJFDKDJDKJ!!!  GRASSHOPPER!!  I know you don't watch, but you must watch the last five minutes to hear Hirako's voice.... *swoons*

Can't wait for 110!  *starts chanting Shinji!, Shinji!*

That is all~


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