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but OMFG...so much has happened in the manga world while I have been gone.....(I don't even want to begin with what is happening here, that will be another post....)
First off this week's Inuyasha:  OMG Rumiko are you trying to give your readers a heart attack?  After sooo long of nothing, so much is happening....let us review, Kouga's shards - gone, Kikyo - dead.  This week Kouga has OFFICIALLY given up on Kagome and he and InuYasha almost "male bonded".....O_O..... and that isn't the big news....We met Sesshy's mother!  *is flabberghasted*  I have pic of her.
I almost peed my pants......no really.

Next: FullMetal Alchemist: Finally translated.  Kimbley fricken SWALLOWED  a philosopher's stone?!  Thats why he went nuts?!  Scar has his brother's arm.....wierd.  And Roy is now the official emo kid.  After emo-ing all over the place through the Ishval flashback and especially when Riza called him on using the info on her back...she asked him to burn her father's research off so there could never be another flame alchemist....ouch.  Then we saw how he chose his group and that he chose Riza as his aide to guard his back and to take him out if he was to ever "stray from the path" O_O.  Hopefully next month we will be back to real time. 

And finally Bleach:  won't spoil because I know alot have not read.... but ....OMFG , GRIMMY IS SEX ON TWO LEGS!!!!  HE HAS THE SNEER OF DOOM!!  And I personally have never though Shinji was smexy before but MWROOR!!!  The trenchcoat did it for me!  Plus Luppi is alive, yay!  Poor, poor Hime though!  I believe in you my Hime!!! 

Gotta go taking the daughter out to see "Monster House" to get out of one.....get it. *snicker*
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but not now.. finally sleepy will try to get a few zzzzzzzzz.  *Tries to jump up and down happily*

Still no FullMetal 61 Translation.  Have looked at the raw and can pretty much figure out what is going on with Scar and his brother and when he kills Winry's parents it is pretty self-explanatory but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I want the translation on the Roy/Riza scenes.  So much emotion and teh angst in the expressions and yelling and emo tears of Mustang.  Must....have...english....of ....those.....scenes! *ARGH!*  Ok, I feel better ranting. 

Off to bed I go...hope will not be a false alarm and stare at the ceiling.......*sandman come hit me!*

p.s. Cella - Greek Tragedy was OMFG!  very wonderful.  Good writing, m'lady.
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I am speechless........Use to be faithful InuYasha fan.........read the manga everyweek (scans that is).  It was the manga that introduced me.  Kinda of fallen behind lately.  Been about oh, two months, since I have read and I went this morning to get caught up at MakiMaki where you can read the trans online.........after months (year?) of nothing Rumiko comes out of nowhere with a smack to the jaw.  Never thought she would kill off Kikyo until the end..........I am still in shock.  Maybe she will actually end the series by Chapter 500.

In other Manga news, translation for Fullmetal 61 is still not out.....*drumming nails on desk*.....


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