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Well minna-san, gonna be out of touch until tomorrow night late, cause, GUESS WHAT?  My dad is on vacation in Perdido Key, which is only a whole hour away from here...(ehheheh, *sigh*).  Anyway the good part is, he has asked us to come down and spend the night with him in his condo he rented tonight.   If he invited us this must mean that a certain someone is not there with him.......at least I hope not.   *Sigh*  The one and only time I met her, it did not go well.....(two words, 'cat' and 'fight').  I don't think she will be cause he knows I don't want her near Chloe at the moment.   So off to the beach I go and hope for not too many awkward moments and no mistresses hidden in the closets!!

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I have been listening to too much Skynard lately......^_^

Dad went back home an hour ago, said he has to come back in a month so at least I get warning next time...^^

Gotta finish the Orihime quickies for this weeks challenge, all of my pairings are odd ones :/  Tried to write IshiHime one and ended up staring at blank screen for 10 minutes before head-desking...my brain is stuck in yaoi mode......which is not a bad thing if I do say so myself, but in the case of this weeks challege, the one thing Orihime seems to lack is a dick.  *cue laughter*
So I am chasing and trying to catch the het bunny.  I have 2 drabbles but one is dark and the other is crack and I would like to balance them out with a nice shippy one....but it doesn't look like its going to happen. 

Well gonna go stare at MS Word some more and hope for multiplying bunnies....
My next post will probably be at least the two I have written.


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