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Whoooo, well finally had time to sit down and make this post.  I've been evasive, stressed and emo'y with out a whole lot of reason, so it seems lately.  Well, maybe tomorrow I'll get some of it resolved.  Some of it was school, yes, and the second part of my Literature test WILL be over tomorrow... and that will be a great relief, along with the math, speeches and whatnot...

But that's not what is mainly stressing me.  Some of it is this constant sickness my daughter and I keep getting.  She brings it from school and then I think I bring it.. but that by itself isn't that bad.  What is making mommy stressed is the development of the bullies at my daughter's school.

Yeah, 1st grade bullies.  My daughter, you see, is not a very large person.  She is perhaps the second smallest in her class and a good student.  Gentle with other kids and generally wants to be liked (i.e. -- not at all like her mother..), and she has been made one of the targets of the female bully in her class.  This particular girl is twice her size and has, I have just found out lately, been kicking her in the stomach at recess, without much punishment.  This same little girl was suspended last year IN KINDERGARTEN for punching a little boy in the face.  So, mommy goes up to the principal's office tomorrow for a 'discussion'.  You see, mommy and daddy told Chloe that if Bully-girl hit or kicked her again, to hit or kick her back.  That it was okay for her to defend herself, even though her TEACHERS TELL HER NOT TO.  *sighs*  Anyway.. something is going to be done, whether they like my solution or not, I don't care.

Also the other point of stress is my grandfather is really very sick right now and he lives 7 hours away.  He was with me more growing up than my dad was a lot and its hard to be down here and not be able to go up there and be with them while he has surgery or tests.  Just.. stress.

Won't even go into the whole "30" thing happening next month.. *headwall*...  My brother has something planned.. I'm gonna hide the whole day that day..

Also gotta pay my loads of Uni parking tickets...heehee... *headdesk* or I won't get to register.... I gotta learn to not run late on Tues and Thurs. so I can park where I'm supposed to..


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.....Well, think I did well on the math test yesterday...(yay me...) and now just have:

1. Spanish Test, Friday
2. Lit paper due, next Friday
3. Informative Speech, Tuesday

Can't remember if I posted here about my speech class... *looks back* nope, just told Cella (HI GRASSHOPPER!!).  *Sighs*  We've already had 2 speeches this year and have 3 more.  I'm alright with them.  What has been pissing me off is the .......(pardon me males on the flist) young, ignorant, frat-boy asshole that sits in the front close to the podium.  I spoke to another girl in my class today I just happened to see coming out of Spanish and she also has the same problem as I do.  Namely...when giving our last two speeches we have been....distracted by the fact by when we try to make eye contact... his eyes are making contact about 8 inches below our faces... -_-.. 

We, my classmate and I (and I'm sure every other woman like us), can't help it if we are more......gifted in other areas than others and we are required to dress up for speeches....  But I swear.... I'm gonna ask the grad student who oversees our class if I can paint a great big target on my face for the next speech if it happens again...  *sighs at immaturity of college boys*

Anyway... Greg is also going to have to go back to Tulsa to troubleshoot the system he put in next week so I'll be ALONE (well, with Chloe this time, but no adult..) again..   You guys will have to help keep me sane.. 

Still pondering name for the car~~  will let you lot know when I come up with something~~

Seme-sama, almost through with your ficage!  fufufufufufufu!

Thats about it for now, must research more for speech...

Ja mata
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*Peeks out, hoping no one yells at her*
I'm still alive.  But I will be gone for a while longer.  Lots of things have come up.  Greg may be getting a new job.  Lots of family and financial related stress, plus the stress of going to school and not hearing from the Uni about my aid yet.  Not to mention the whole Christmas thing...(going to two different places with two different kinds of stresses...oy)

It will be hit and miss with me for quite a while, until some of this is resolved or settled, so just bear with me a little.  Soooo Sorry for worrying you guys.  I love yous lots!  See you laters!



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