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This.. this is WHY I'm a member of [community profile] capslock_bleach...

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"Welcome to Hueco Mundo Singapore.."

POTC + Bleach = WIN and AWESOMESAUCE.....

This reminds me of that Omake where they were dressed up as pirates with Kenpachi as the captain.. XD


EDIT:  ZOMG!  Someone reuploaded Soul Society Karaoke Night AMV!!  I have a lot of new flist'ers who might not have seen it when I showed it before so it is here!  MAJOR CRACK.
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*can't....stop.... laughing* !!! *ded*

Ghost Rider Ichigo Parody AMV

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Promise, last piece of cfud crack tonight...

My recent favorite character over there is one called Emilio Applegate, [profile] papa_dontpreach
He is a character from a yaoi manga, what I like to call an EEOS or equal opportunity smexxxor.
He is FRICKIN' HILARIOUS IN EVERY POST...this one is just an example of the mayhem he brings to cfud...

Emilo kills his offspring..

He is soooo cracky, I keep his journal on my faves so I don't miss an entry....(STALKER!!  XXDD!!)

That is all!!

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I must stop going over there or I will never get any thing done....but must share this thread....

Ikkaku becomes a daddy....

And introduces Auntie Yumi!  XDXD!!

Bah!  I need to go to bed!

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Tite Kubo, Fashionista!

Whoever wrote this, I am fully prepared to have your babies........8D!!

Several quotes:

"So the shoot's only looking maybe 80% as good as I want it to look. I call in Chad, put him in a grey sweater, stick him behind her, and BAM, Orihime's beautiful. 110%. She's small, she's light, she's glowing, everyone wants that dress now. But they don't realize, they don't need the dress. They need their own large Mexican boy standing behind them." - quote by Tite Kubo

"[Byakuya] is nothing but clean lines. If you see him naked, it's like he's wearing a three-piece suit already. His face screams
sophistication. He's symmetrical, flawless. He's like an angel, with huge white invisible wings," Tite said in a 2005 interview, "His hair, his hair is always neat, despite its length - I tried to make it messy once, and it wouldn't take. It has a mind of its own, and that mind has OCD."

Designer Yamada Akihiro once said of Bleach "These are the kind of clothes that public school 15-year-olds who want to be cool think are cool. The skateboarders and the potheads. The people who are going to die without having contributed anything to society."

And the last......read the rest of this crack for yourself, it is chock FULL of this stuff....

In the summer of 2006, a string of patient deaths focused the world's attention on the dangers involved in Reishi Surgery, particularly on kaizō konpaku or mod souling, that is, elective surgery to aesthetically improve some aspect of your soul.

Medical Pundit Unohana Retsu called for the banning of the procedures, and blamed their popularity on the modeling industry. Among the people she named, Kurosaki Ichigo was listed for the unusually massive size of his zanpaktou, which she argued could not possibly be natural. Ichigo responded with fury and indignation. The natural large size of his zanpakutō was a matter of pride for him, and took center stage in his backlash. "There is no need to drag my zanpakutō through the mud," he is famously quoted as saying, to which Unohana responded "That's not mud."





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