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Even though my internet connection is messed up five ways to Sunday, making it near impossible to chat....I am bouncy!!
Why you may ask?  Because ....Cheezy finished writing my fic for me!!!  *preens!* 

Ren/Ishi goodness here!

Ah, this made me all warm and tingly......and with my super sekrit love Cheza-chan writing me a Kenpachi/Unohana and she has informed me she has FINISHED MY GLASSESKAR/ISHIDA FIC!!  FWEEEEEEE!!!!  I am in fic heaven....so.......I am about to do something I am sure I will regret.....

I am going to take requests for fic.  Never done this before, be gentle.  Only thing I can't do is yuri, my yuri sucks......no really.  I've tried.  It reads like a stereo instruction manual.  =_=.    But will make the stipulation that it needs to be Bleach drabbles.  Those are the best characters I have a good grasp on.  Will do pr0n also...teehee...(Seren, here is your chance for some het!)  Also can do crack reasonably well so it doesn't scare me, however nothing too outlandish....

Submit like this:
rating desired:

I just know I will regret this......
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Because today I finally had...SUSHI!!!!111!!   For the first time in a week!  I was going into withdrawls...*wibble*  Stopped at Fresh Market today and dragged myself to the sushi counter and had him make me some California Rolls and some Rainbow Rolls..*droooooolllll*  It took all I had not to just jump over the counter to attack the pickled ginger....Did I mention I come from a place that has no concept of such things.  So the whole time I was visiting my mother, it was misery.  You have to drive an hour from her house to just get decent sushi or sashimi.  Anyway....enough about my culinary fetishes..

Japanese today, Mexican tonight.  Cooking some Enchiladas....made some fresh salsa.  I just realized....do I ever eat American food?  *ponders*

Anyway, catching up on the roleplaying thing, and sllllooowly catching up on the flist stuff.  Probably will take a while.  Although the good thing about not having a lot of internet for almost a week was that I got some reading and writing done....
I'll be posting some drabbles later~

Thaaats about it, OH, AC bought the hard copy of Renkin #2 at B&N today...gonna read again tonight.
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Well, mom left this morning, one day later that planned, mostly because the pink princess begged and pleaded and of course no one (save her father and I) can say no the the pink princess...*eye roll*  Everything went as smooth as it could.  I was quite surprised, seeing as how Greg seemed to be PMSing the whole time (note to unmarried friends:  yes, men do have a time of the month..=_=).  Mother managed to leave most of the drama out of it.  At least the drama concerning my dad that is.  She had her trip to Oregon to meet her half-sister to talk about so that helped.  Plus, she is going on a cruise next week so that also took up most of the dialogue and the time seeing as how she wanted to go across the bay to go shopping on the Eastern Shore.  So everything seemed to go fine, but still this morning when I looked in the mirror....three new white hairs to pluck....*sigh*.

Chloe was sick today, mostly with a cold I think and because I was weak this morning (and tired) I let her manipulate me into staying home....but it was not all sunshine and roses for her...ku ku ku.....she had to take the foul tasting Dimetapp and rest most of the day....it wasn't as much fun as she thought.  So tomorrow, I bet she decides she feels well enough to go.....>:3

Gotta get to work on drabbles for the [profile] bleach_quickies (the person is LISA! this week!!) and a story for [profile] allbleachedup... on the last can't decide whether to do Ichi/Ishi or Ura/Ishi.....*ponders* *shrugs*

Anyway, thats all for now, not feeling so well myself, hope the chibli didn't give me some kind of funk....
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Well finally finished and uploaded the Hisagi Shuuhei quickies for the challenge although it seemed like the world was against me.  Had a two day migraine, plus, PLUS, a new little girl has moved in next door and my child thinks she has to play with her ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.  And I think the child's mother sees me as an instant babysitter....=_=.  I do believe I am being taken advantage of, but my kid is soooo happy having someone to play with.  She has never had anyone her age live close to her before.  We are having a talk tomorrow about limits....

Anyway, made a nummy supper tonight.  Been a while since I really, REALLY cooked.  Made some Mexican, (Carnitas) it was pretty good.  Still wish I could have my momma's.  I even made homeade salsa......WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!!!  (suddenly feel like Suzy-homemaker) I grossed out my husband and bought myself some canned
nopalitos and ate half of it.  Ehheehe...

Anyway....you don't care about my pickled cactus fetish, you're here for the fics right?.......*crickets chirping* 
*Goes to eat more chips and salsa*

Characters:  Shuuhei, Renji
Prompt:  bad
Word Count:  196
Rating:  Smutty (I'm starting to feel silly putting a rating on this com...XD)

bad )

Characters:  Shuuhei, Isane (because Isane doesn't get enough lov'in dammit!), plus 2 cameos for [profile] ran_huo!
Prompt: slide
Word Count: 312 (if I cut out the cameo, I could have made it, but I love the cameo!)
Rating: pg-13
~Beware, fangurl Japanese ahead~  (ducks pelted tomatoes)

slide )

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I have been listening to too much Skynard lately......^_^

Dad went back home an hour ago, said he has to come back in a month so at least I get warning next time...^^

Gotta finish the Orihime quickies for this weeks challenge, all of my pairings are odd ones :/  Tried to write IshiHime one and ended up staring at blank screen for 10 minutes before head-desking...my brain is stuck in yaoi mode......which is not a bad thing if I do say so myself, but in the case of this weeks challege, the one thing Orihime seems to lack is a dick.  *cue laughter*
So I am chasing and trying to catch the het bunny.  I have 2 drabbles but one is dark and the other is crack and I would like to balance them out with a nice shippy one....but it doesn't look like its going to happen. 

Well gonna go stare at MS Word some more and hope for multiplying bunnies....
My next post will probably be at least the two I have written.


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