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I just had a thought while reading Volume 3 of Death Note......

Light is either Aizen in High School or Aizen's reincarnation because they are both too hot, too wicked, and too devious not to be related in some way...

Hey that would make a great crossover fic, Light and Aizen meet in a parallel universe.  Too bad I suck at crossovers.
(Oh LauraB...Pwretty Pwease, with sugar on it *blinks puppy eyes*)
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Well, got addicted to another manga......what else is new you ask? (what, do I detect sarcasm?!)  This time I swear it's not my fault.  I blame it entirely on my 18 year old cousin.  Her dad is my uncle, her mom is Japanese and an anime junkie and I blame her for my decent into this madness.  Anyway,  she just started college, AND just got hooked on Death Note.....she emailed " But Manda-chan, you have to try it, its great!!  I love it!!  Light is so WICKED!!"  Just to humor her (she can be so cute but so annoying when she spams my inbox),  I went out and picked it up.....*Sigh*  I'm now on Volume 3.

In defense of myself it really is a good read and beautifully drawn.  Plot is well thought out and not predictable.  I am actually surprised she liked it.  I feel major fan issues coming up.  I really don't know where I will fit in the room for Light and L in between, say Jin and Mugen or Renji and Grimmy, or even my twins Hikaru and Kaoru, gah!!  Too many fandoms!!  Oh well, I give up, I will happily sink into this oblivion and wallow in Otaku.

Side note:  Bleach 232, color pages.......GAH!!  Renji in classes and Grimmy's pecs *melts into puddle of goo*


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