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Well, feeling a bit better finally, still coughing though, but at least I can breathe now.  Today Chloe got out early from school, and it was pretty and not too hot so played with the neighbor brat girl for a while before coming in to see how Greg had destroyed the house on his day off.....BUT to my disbelieving eyes.....he had done the dishes AND mopped the kitchen.  He even put a load of laundry in the washer......either the world tilted back upon its axis today or.....<<..>>.....I might need to keep an eye out for unnecessary spending in the checking account.......-_-.

Have been CONSUMED with the yaoi manga for the last couple of days during the sickness.....it didn't help that I finally discovered Okane ga Nai.  I lllooooovvvvveeee it.  I devoured all that had been translated and am now waiting on pins for the rest.  *clicks nails on desk*  Also Nakama released a newly translated Naono Bohra one-shot today!!!  *bounces around happily*   Also got up to date on Crimson Spell....so much pretty mens....*sigh*  I seriously need to go into like, a 12 step for this.....

When I haven't been on the yaoi, my writer buddies have been keeping me hopping, with updates to all of their AWESOME FICS THAT YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT!!!
[profile] 3jane's Nenju is going strong on Chapter 28 for the Champloo fans out there.  It is a continuation from the series.  It is teh awesomeness!! XO!

[personal profile] laurabryannan's Business as Usual is a Champloo AU that is full of smexy yaoi awesome and win!! 

[profile] _debbiechan_'s Invisible Writing, a Bleach AU with Ishida and Orihime as the main but with a dark, dark twist.  Very, very marvelous!

[profile] sublimeparadigm's Roads, she got this one going that she has been teasing us about....A Bleach AU mixed-media project, completely brilliant, just one chapter so far, but it will be worth the wait.

Ahhhh, yaoi and good fics.....now just waiting on some of my other buds to update their masterpieces *coughCellacough* XD!  And some one-shots I have begged for....*coughChezacough*  *wibbles at Seme-sama*

Well, gonna go for now, I hear the dishes calling again.....
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After this weeks fangirling, spazz marathon (liek woah!), I figured I needed a real post.....yes? 

First gonna pimp out Cella-chan's [[profile] stereotype_vamp] lovely fic Rebirth Of A Phoenix, its dark and moving and utterly beautiful....*wibbles thinking about it*.  *clings to Cella*

Next, Deb-chan, I promise to have that Keigo/Tatsuki fic up by tonight/early morning by the latest.  I was going to post, but with the developments of 240, I decided to tweek it abit...
Seren, this promise goes for you too since it is originally a story for [profile] allbleachedup...Speaking of you Seren, how goes it?  Haven't talked to you in ages it seems, doin' better?  Drop me some comments or YM me....

Finally, have to post the fic today because, GUESS WHAT?!  My in-laws called today......

Me:  Hey Teresa, how goes it?
Mom-in-law:  Well tomorrow, we'll be in the neighborhood, thought we'd stop by and spend the weekend!  We hardly see ya'll!  And we have stuff from the garden for you and Dad-in-law and I have some more stuff for the princess!
Me: Ehheheh....S-sure....what time will you be here?
Mom-in-law:  Oh, sometime in the morning, you know Dad-in-law, he likes to leave early!
Me: *weeps*

So all day today, it has been Flight of the Bumblebee-type cleaning!  So until Monday, I only be on here sporadically...

Oh, Seme-samaKage-chan and Cheza-chan, LOVED THE CRACK FIC!!   I needed it after the phone call!!  *glomps/molests you both*

Thats it for now!
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Well..was perusing fanfics, mostly of the Bleach variety before I hit the bed when I came across a addicting little community.

[profile] division15 is a fanfiction/fanart community based around one-shots and drabbles in an AU future universe of Bleach.  If you are not caught up to at least manga 186 there will be spoilers.  It is really entertaining and a good read.  Some of the original characters are great and she manages to keep Ichigo and Rukia in character.  So I will pimp.  Check it out.  Beware of lots of crack.....

Here is the summary of the background of the AU from the user page:

Name: division15
Bio: Once upon a time in Soul Society, a man named Shiba Isshin, captain of the 15th division, vanished. His passing was mourned, his division retired.

These days, everyone knows Isshin changed his name and moved to Earth, because now his recently-mortal son (once a ryoka who stormed the gates to save a certain Kuchiki Rukia, now a permanent resident), Kurosaki Ichigo, has taken up his father's old position at the head of the reinstated Division 15.

Ichigo is quickly learning why his father bailed.

Start reading at the bottom entry and work your way up.  Will make more sense..  Beware of Skippy.....


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