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Well went over to bleachforums.com to see of the Raw was out yet. It is not but someone has posted a pic of the pages of the "almost kiss and confession".  It really is heartbreaking and you really do feel for Orihime.  You could feel the emotion in her expression.  It was really beautiful.  Maybe it will come out tomorrow, it looks really emotional.

On a different note, InuYasha translation came out.  Fluffy had a full color cover *squee!*.  And boy is his mother a bitch! (er, no pun intended...well, maybe just a little.  >:3)  First off asking if Rin was dinner!  Then testing him for some trinket his father wants him to have, then the thing that is "testing" him gets Rin.....NO RIN YOU CAN'T DIE!!  Of course thats how it ended with her cute little face in close-up in the things stomach waiting for her Sesshoumaru-sama......EEEK!  (Of course when asked by his mother he denied he was going to save the human girl, but to defeat the beast.....Sure you are Fluffy.....We believe you......*coughsarcasmcough*)
Here is Fluffy in full color!!


Ahh, now I just need an update in Gokusen. *drumming nails on desk*  It has been more than a while...*sigh*
oh, well can't have everything can I? *wanders off to bed*

EDIT:  Gokusen 9, Ch 2 came out *Squeeeeee!*  OMG, Shin in MAKE-UP in one panel!  Yankumi is just as crazy as ever!  Lord bless Morimoto-sensei!  I needed her crack!
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Partially thanks to a wonderful fanart by [personal profile] quaedam that is just frickin beautiful.  I have the link here to her journal, don't think there are any spoilers, but you might not know who all of the people are, but warning for nekkid people.  I think Ishida is the only one clothed.....  http://quaedam.livejournal.com/32946.html#cutid1

Still waiting on the raw....been reading alot of yaoi today to cheer myself up....yaoi always helps..^^
[profile] _debbiechan_ started a good thread over at [community profile] soulsociety that made me feel better also.  Apparently, the Ichi/Hime  coupling is practically  non-existant in Japan.  So where Kubo thinks he is going with this I don't know.  He has turned into the Official Sadist Manga-ka.  I am sure he is cackling with glee though.  He lives for this kind of stuff....

I know all of you non-bleach friends are thinking "Bleach, bleach, when is she gonna shut up..."  (just wait [profile] 3jane it will suck you in, but beware of the dreaded anime fillers, ACK!)  If something else would happen in one of my other mangas maybe I could talk about them (or if Impossibility would PLEASE hurry up and get the next chapter of Gokusen out, I don't like being left in a cliffhanger for a month...)  Shockingly Inuyasha seems to be the only other manga that has anything happening, with Fluffy's mom showing up and Kikyo dieing....just waiting on Makimaki to get the next scanlation up to read.  I wanna see what Sess-mom has to say about the cute little tag-a-long Fluffy has collected since their last meeting >3.

Oh and I rarely pimp out things but OMFG...this is the funniest thing.  Ok, I have stopped watching Bleach the anime because, umm do I really need to say the filler sucks or is it common knowledge?  Anyway, my new friend, [profile] chzbrgr_of_doom or Cheesy D, has taken screen caps and created to me a more believeable soap opera than the current filler arc called "The Young and the Soulless".  Caution when you visit her journal, Do not eat or drink anything while viewing "The Young and The Soulless", because you will spew and/or choke.  I visit her journal instead of watching the fillers.  Vastly more entertaining and surprisingly makes more sense....

Must ta people, gotta pull the frozen pizza out of the freezer and call it cooking.....

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but OMFG...so much has happened in the manga world while I have been gone.....(I don't even want to begin with what is happening here, that will be another post....)
First off this week's Inuyasha:  OMG Rumiko are you trying to give your readers a heart attack?  After sooo long of nothing, so much is happening....let us review, Kouga's shards - gone, Kikyo - dead.  This week Kouga has OFFICIALLY given up on Kagome and he and InuYasha almost "male bonded".....O_O..... and that isn't the big news....We met Sesshy's mother!  *is flabberghasted*  I have pic of her.
I almost peed my pants......no really.

Next: FullMetal Alchemist: Finally translated.  Kimbley fricken SWALLOWED  a philosopher's stone?!  Thats why he went nuts?!  Scar has his brother's arm.....wierd.  And Roy is now the official emo kid.  After emo-ing all over the place through the Ishval flashback and especially when Riza called him on using the info on her back...she asked him to burn her father's research off so there could never be another flame alchemist....ouch.  Then we saw how he chose his group and that he chose Riza as his aide to guard his back and to take him out if he was to ever "stray from the path" O_O.  Hopefully next month we will be back to real time. 

And finally Bleach:  won't spoil because I know alot have not read.... but ....OMFG , GRIMMY IS SEX ON TWO LEGS!!!!  HE HAS THE SNEER OF DOOM!!  And I personally have never though Shinji was smexy before but MWROOR!!!  The trenchcoat did it for me!  Plus Luppi is alive, yay!  Poor, poor Hime though!  I believe in you my Hime!!! 

Gotta go taking the daughter out to see "Monster House" to get out of one.....get it. *snicker*
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just if you want to see the emo tears in the manga and the death of well the undead miko. Here are the links to the MakiMaki translation pages.


See, bunches of emo tears everywhere, heck earlier in the chappy even Sango and Kouga get reflective of her. :/
But the upside is there has been more of Fluffy lately with his wicked new sword power.  And Rin is pwning Jaken all over the place lately. (Rin is really fixated on Kohaku though :/)


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