Feb. 28th, 2007

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.....Well, think I did well on the math test yesterday...(yay me...) and now just have:

1. Spanish Test, Friday
2. Lit paper due, next Friday
3. Informative Speech, Tuesday

Can't remember if I posted here about my speech class... *looks back* nope, just told Cella (HI GRASSHOPPER!!).  *Sighs*  We've already had 2 speeches this year and have 3 more.  I'm alright with them.  What has been pissing me off is the .......(pardon me males on the flist) young, ignorant, frat-boy asshole that sits in the front close to the podium.  I spoke to another girl in my class today I just happened to see coming out of Spanish and she also has the same problem as I do.  Namely...when giving our last two speeches we have been....distracted by the fact by when we try to make eye contact... his eyes are making contact about 8 inches below our faces... -_-.. 

We, my classmate and I (and I'm sure every other woman like us), can't help it if we are more......gifted in other areas than others and we are required to dress up for speeches....  But I swear.... I'm gonna ask the grad student who oversees our class if I can paint a great big target on my face for the next speech if it happens again...  *sighs at immaturity of college boys*

Anyway... Greg is also going to have to go back to Tulsa to troubleshoot the system he put in next week so I'll be ALONE (well, with Chloe this time, but no adult..) again..   You guys will have to help keep me sane.. 

Still pondering name for the car~~  will let you lot know when I come up with something~~

Seme-sama, almost through with your ficage!  fufufufufufufu!

Thats about it for now, must research more for speech...

Ja mata


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