Mar. 2nd, 2007

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Blek... a couple of bad days in a row...  Don't you hate that...  Yesterday, was day from hell with the weather and a the THREE HOUR WAIT at the DMV.  [I have come to the belief that hell looks a lot like a long line at the DMV...]

The weather..was..just horrible.  Walking to class in 25 mph wind and horizontal rain, not a lot of fun.  What is worse is that the same storm I walked in that morning caused the horrible tornado at a high school only about 150 miles from here.  We had a bunch of tornado warnings at the same time they had the coverage of pulling the kids out of the rubble....  Not  good for nerves.  The tornado that was spotted over a busy intersection never set down, and we were very lucky..

And of course there is the HORROR of the DMV, which has to be the most inefficient place on the entire planet.  Why give people numbers if you aren't gonna call them by them?  *grrrrr* 

Also Greg leaves again SUNDAY morning...not Monday...  gonna be so lonely...  Lonely, lonely.... *sigh*   But I'll have school work!  blah... *rooolllllssss*

Anyway... I'll quit whining now and eat my lemons...

See you laters~

Edit: But it IS hilarious when someone you went to high school with see their name on freakin' Ticketmaster.. 
He was such a geek in school...  And one of my girl friends gave him his first kiss out of pity... heehee~


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